Information summary for those who are interested in our counselling


What is meta theory in practice? Why is it relevant? In the following leadership situations, you will find unusual, cryptic explanations that invite you to change perspective.


For those with more time:

At the moment you are not a theory expert. But you are interested in this new way of thinking. The guiding process ‘Regulation of Needs’ shows impressively how the world is viewed from the perspective of meta theory. Get to know the other side of common everyday concepts and allow yourself to be inspired in your (leadership) work:

How meta-theoretical coaching/individual coaching distinguishes itself

We discuss your concerns and then work out what really helps you - beyond more skilled self-manipulation:

How meta-theoretical team development distinguishes itself

We clarify, together with the team, which of the following questions are currently relevant and then, together, choose an appropriate setting for the collaboration.

How meta-theoretical organisational consultancy distinguishes itself

The organisation-dynamic guiding processes enable consultants to monitor with great focus in which way organisations create, maintain and protect their status quo against changes.

This is how a consultancy is developed separate from recipes, without specific ‘Best Practice’, close to the customer, fearless and able to utilise uncertainty, competent in dealing with surprises and false promises, and with a view to the unmistakable, unique and individual situation of the customer. Mindfulness instead of smart talk, dialogue instead of lecturing, experiencing instead of loads of plans.

How meta-theoretical conflict moderation distinguishes itself

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