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Task Processing Cycle

There are many useful concepts for structuring the processing of a task. From a metatheory viewpoint, in particular, for the significance of decisions, the following cyclical phase model, about task processing, from Gestalt-therapy orientated organisational consulting, is very effective (<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Schaubild</a>):

• Initially, it revolves around the ‘recognition’ of the starting position. Curiosity is required for this.
• Then one must ‘understand’ what this position means. This requires perseverance.
• This creates the basis for ‘deciding’ what is to be done. This can only be done with courage.
• Following this, one must ‘implement’ that which was decided. Here endurance is indispensable.
• When one is finished, it is important that one really ‘completes’ the task. Therefore, celebrating and letting go are important.

As usual, with phase models this is not always appropriate and does not fit every task and situation. However, it raises awareness about which type of attention focus could be helpful, what should be energetically supported, which competences (in the team or the organisation) might be missing or which steps are more likely to be easy or difficult with the existing pattern.

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