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Carrying out the Task

Once the step of decision-making has been done, the work can be carried out. When looking at the interest orientation, it is important that one does not simply start work but also informs and involves all stakeholders accordingly. It may be necessary to introduce the chosen product variant, to implement the processes and to quickly react to first mistakes, to ensure a continuing learning and improvement, to react quickly to resistance and to watch out for perseverance and passion.

Common mistakes consist of the instructions or implementation being boycotted, or not being reviewed. It is just as awkward to immediately change direction and concede, if encountering resistance.

Usually, ‘atmospheres’ arise in the external environment of the team during the implementation phase, once the effects become apparent. If these are underestimated, or left to rest, resistance arises, which disappears into the ‘background’ and is then difficult to influence.

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