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Recognition of the Task

When a team has (or has been given) a goal, tasks emerge from this. Thus, one must first appropriately recognise the framework conditions of the task(s):

• the given situation with its problem and interest positions
• the systemic conditions and relevant environments
• the resource situation
• the existing competences
• important ‘allies’ and ‘adversaries’
• the time budget and necessary mile stones

Typical sources of errors could be that important framework conditions are overlooked, restrictions are not recognised as such or matters that have a bearing to the task are not established. It is dysfunctional when, at this point in the process, one acts too superficially and when opposing opinions, which produce conflict right from the beginning, dominate the situation.

One does not even understand anything about the matter, but already one has conflicting views. This is usually a sign of deficient leadership.

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