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Theoretical Basis of Psychodynamics

Metatheory means occupying oneself with other theories, utilising the help of theoretical principles and propositions. We have tried to investigate as many relevant and established counselling disciplines as possible. The questions have always been: Why do these methods succeed, how do they explain these effects and how, from our viewpoint, can theory and practice be comprehended, in each case? It has always seemed unsatisfactory to us to be content to explain our own successes and the different failures or omissions of others.

With the help of the guiding processes of the psyche presented here, and the differentiation of their theory of functioning, we believe that we can examine, utilise and appreciate, in principle, all counselling approaches. Alongside, you will find some brief evaluations of the most important approaches and references to renowned psychologists, whose theory or practice play a special role in the considerations represented here.

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