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Unconscious processes dominate the inner psychological events. Nobody could constantly think of everything that is required for regulation and decisions about significance. If there were no unconscious inner world, we could not have any inner processes which surprise us and expand or alter our image of ourselves. Our self-control would be completely overburdened if we did not simply decide, once and for all, about most things, and then forget and suppress them. Therefore, in our unconscious processes and memory structures all our expectations are stored, our preconceived notions about ourselves, other people, how relationships develop and what can be expected from them.  This unconscious memory treasure has, in each new present moment, unceasing consequences for that which we think, feel and do. Therefore, it is a fallacy to think one is wasting one’s time when occupying oneself with the past, if one, in the face of present day problems (bullying in the company), examines reputed ‘past’ experiences during counselling (e.g., having experienced being ostracised as a youth). Putting it another way: if I have not processed my history as a youth, my past will never be history, rather, it will dictate my present by means of unconscious processes. Change occurs when I revise decisions which I have made, consciously or unconsciously. Only then will my future no longer resemble my past.

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