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Transactional Analysis

Apart from Gestalt-, talking- and hypnotherapy, transactional analysis is one of the most important trends of the so-called humanistic counselling approaches. Developed principally by E. Berne, it is a concept which combines depth-psychological, communicative and behaviour-orientated knowledge, and presents it in plausible, single-step models which are easy to understand. The downside was and is, that these models were trivialised in many seminars and trainings and were stripped of all their sense and purpose.

Regardless of this, many of the meta-theoretical guiding processes of psychological change presented here can be found in the very relevant considerations, concepts and counselling procedures within transactional analysis.

This is particularly true for acceptance (“I’m ok, you’re ok”), personal responsibility (autonomy concept) and understanding (e.g. the models, ego state, drama triangle, drivers, reference framework and script).

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