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Teams on the Thoroughness Pole

Teams that shape their preservation patterns in such a way that primarily the thoroughness concerns (and not the speed concerns) of the organisation are satisfied, often look like this to the observer:

Even if organisations become ever faster, more flexible and more volatile, there are many areas in which thoroughness is essential for the survival of an organisation. It is therefore not surprising that teams increasingly come under high pressure when they develop their preservation patterns accordingly: they are considered old-fashioned, apparently do not know the 80/20 rule and don’t seek creative solutions. But such teams are like this and have to be like this, too: quality-orientated, 4 Eye processes (“Two see more than one!”), high demands on working results and the expertise of all, a certain unperturbability and robustness in crises (“What must be, will be!”), craftmanship mentality (to carry out the work for its own sake).

Such teams are often self-propelled and are consistent in their achievement. They come under pressure from the organisational, cultural conditions of high dynamics and hyper complexity, as mentioned above.
Teams such as this also find it hard when they must cope with a chronic scarcity of resources, because, as a result of the often-high level of commitment, it can lead to sustained self-exploitation and burnout. In many cases, it pays off in such teams, if a person (often the team leader himself) makes himself responsible, in communication with the organisational environment, to also having an awareness of concerns about speed. Otherwise permanent conflicts threaten at the interface with speed-orientated parts of the organisation.

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