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Teams on the Implementation Pole

Teams that shape the preservation patterns in such a way that primarily the implementation concerns (and not the innovation concerns) of the organisation are satisfied, often look like this to the observer:

When a team receives a goal from the organisation, which is to solve a particular task or to accomplish a particular performance, and this goal has time-stability, all attention is given to efficiency: How do we do this correctly? In such teams, a sense of competence is created; as a rule, it sees clear results of its work, the performance is controllable and measurable. The leadership can accomplish much by means of target agreements.

A condition for teams on the implementation pole is the small term, introduced above, called ‘time stability’. If the goal agreed at the beginning of the year is overtaken in the middle of the year, things become difficult. Then, teams are in danger of implementing something which is no longer appropriate. To adequately perceive these synchronisation goals is one of the, often underestimated, tasks of teams, and, if applicable, by the hierarchies above. In the same way, between teams which have implicit, non-synchronised implementation goals, sustained conflicts are created, which harm the teams as well as the organisation.

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