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Teams on the Routine-Pole

Teams that shape their preservation patterns in such a way that primarily the routine concerns (and not the flexibility concerns) of the organisation are satisfied, often look like this to the observer:

Each everyday accomplishment is, in addition to having flexibility demands, linked to routines. People can hardly live without routines; teams and organisations are dependent upon them. However, there are places in the organisation where it is important to totally entrust teams with goals and tasks on the routine pole. Here, nothing may or should change matters easily, here one cannot make allowances for concerns in the environment but rather, the opposite applies. Standards, norms, rules, laws, instructions, requirements etc. are adhered to and implemented. Teams that are responsible for auditing, certification, CI guidelines, ISO norms, quality and much more, can be exposed to such expectations.

Their challenge then consists of the skilled art of frustrating the requirements of others in the organisation. The danger of becoming too rigid and too unempathic towards the concerns of other teams is always present. Particularly, because such teams are also filled with such members who, for psychological reasons, have a high affinity to security and tend to be contact-poor.

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