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Teams and the Organisations’ Expectation Poles

The organisational dynamics of expectations, with their own polar structure, also inevitably influence the dynamics of team preservation. Expectation poles can be seen as attractors, which act in a pattern-forming way (here you can develop references to fractal mathematics or pattern theories). By this, we mean that a team is dominated by the expectations pole of the organisation (and has to be). The associated decision-making premises, communication channels, programmes and personnel structures influence the team dynamics to a high degree.

Thus, over time, implementation, innovation, speed, thoroughness, networking and routine teams develop. Knowing these patterns and being aware of them is often very helpful to team consultants. They permit the rapid formulation of hypotheses and observation foci, which can help the team to have more competences or less distress with regard to the expectations of the organisation and their coupling with the needs of the team members as well as the need pole of the team, itself. Here you can find ‘wild’ combinations, which can make the management and consultancy of such a team demanding.

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