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Systemic Orientation

Systemic Consultancy – to be clearly differentiated from systems theory (!) – has been an extremely successful counselling approach for some time. This success became possible through prominent demarcations from previously established procedures. The inclusion of the environment (family, team), the rejection of guilt questions, and of making judgment, a new understanding of illness and the speed in which solutions were sought, all this was new and fascinating and is, nowadays, widespread. The Heidelberg psychologist Helm Stierlin <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Helm Stierlin</a>, as well as his adherents, have earned great merit here.

The insights and procedures of systemic individual counselling can be found within this meta-theoretical concept in the guiding processes of resonance and personal responsibility and they are encompassed in the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>systemischen Methode</a> metatheory of change, systemic method.

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