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Solution Orientation

Unfortunately, ‘solution-orientated’ has become a popular advertising word in the counselling field. Unfortunately, because as a result, findings, which have been developed in psychology over a long period of time, have been labelled as useless, inefficient and out of date. Instead, an apparent simplicity is often offered as an alternative, which can harm the client more than it can help him. What constitutes a solution, is, to a large extent, dependent upon the observer. Therefore though, particularly with regard to the internal representations within the client, that, which for one part of the soul would be a solution, turns out to be a catastrophe for another part of the client. This is why it is so important to first identify the respective representations, which are acting in the client, before thinking of a solution. Otherwise the probability that the counsellor allies himself with one part of the client is very high, thus making the other part of life even more difficult than it has already been.

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