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Client’s Resonance Ability

What a system reacts to with resonance and what it does not, is, in the procedurally applied metatheory, similar to that which would be called ‘identity-endowing’ in other (meta-physical) theories. This is why the ability to enter into resonance with that which is necessary to the preservation and stability of the system, must be given particular attention. The ability to react openly to valuable external impulses (i.e. love, care, protection, desire, wanting another’s company, measuring strengths etc.), can be impaired selectively, gradually or generally. Some people don’t allow themselves to be reached by certain stimuli, neither emotionally nor cognitively. Then I do not believe and cannot feel sentences such as “I have your best intentions at heart!”. Instead I assume: “You only have your own interests in mind!”. The regaining of one’s own resonance is usually associated with very uncomfortable feelings. This is because the avoidance of these feelings was usually the motivation for inhibiting them in the first place. Someone who blocks something from outside need not fear anything inside. This is the reason why people can be so afraid about supposed positives and, for example, end a relationship if the other wants to marry, or quit a job, if it threatens to become successful. To only pay attention to devaluation and negative signals from the outside can create an ‘identity’ according to the moto, “Better to be nasty than a nobody!” This is the reason why counselling and therapy disciplines which desire to make a corrective, emotional experience purely by giving attention and appreciation, fail, because the client’s ability to resonate is non-existent or unavailable for this environmental stimulus.

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