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Security in Couple Relationships

“My partner is the backbone of my life!”. Such sentiments express the importance of the security needs in couple relationships and, for many, they are a cause for loving thankfulness. Feeling mutually responsible, when the other needs it, is seen by most people as a reason for cultivating a long-term relationship. Conversely, it is important that each one maintains their own stability in the relationship and does not make his security dependent upon the other.

This usually becomes problematic when a partner defines himself through the role of the security giver (‘nurse’) or if one misuses the other in this role. Perfectly stable symbioses form here, which superficially satisfy all. Sometimes, the affected party is not conscious of the inner loss of freedom, distance and uniqueness impulses. Nevertheless, it enormously affects their liveliness, performance and enjoyment ability. Here, too, one can see that non-fixation is a characteristic of succeeding psychological processes in the ability to regulate.

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