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Outbidding Contexts

Outbidding contexts is a rather unusual concept. And yet one needs it when occupying oneself with the question about what the questions are, for which organisations are the answer. The social functional systems, such as science, art, politics, education and religion, always represent a space, in which the best answers to the respective problem situations are sought: who offers the ‘better’ research, the ‘better’ concert, the ‘better’ party, the ‘better’ school, the ‘better’ belief system? Who asserts themselves? Who outbids the existing concepts with newer, more attractive, more efficient ones? The world evolves and those who move within it are in competition with each other. This is what is meant by outbidding contexts.

Therefore, organisations cannot remain as they are, because they must always reckon with the possibility that other organisations will find different and better answers (=products, technologies, services etc.) Organisations must continuously work on the guiding distinctions because they can be constantly outbidden. Only in this way can you generate the probability of finding suitable answers for current and future situations.