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Organisational Shadow Worlds

The term shadow world is chosen carefully. Organisations need light in the sense of official rules, norms, values, programmes, communication paths, and they need shadow in the sense of unofficial rules, norms, values, etc. But why is it like that? None of the guiding processes introduced here can be decided with formal rules, as one would make the present, which is reflected in the rules, fixed! One would not be able to react to surprises (different future), nor could one give something up (let it sink into the past), if it had not actually proved itself. One would not be able to meet the diversity and multiplicity of the present with the necessary attentiveness. If everything were official, regulated and transparent, an organisation would not be viable. If everything were unofficial, situationally resolvable and non-transparent, an organisation would not be viable.

In the light and in the shadow of an organisation the functional and the dysfunctional bed in. The informal organisation consists of motivating exceptions which emerge from the employees, as well as bullying and intrigue. The formal side consists of fair equal treatment for all, as well as the rigid stubbornness of regulations. Therefore, for management and consultancy within organisations a focus on both aspects and their interaction is always required!