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A very significant further development of depth-psychology theory in Germany is being advanced by the Operationalised Psychodynamic Diagnostic Working Circle, “<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Arbeitskreis OPD</a>”. The concept, with differing foci (axes), the thinking in polarities and conflict dispositions, as well as the relevance of the counselling relationship correlate with a whole series of psychological guiding processes in the metatheory of psychological change presented here. It is an encouraging sign, that such a competent working circle, which incorporates many prominent depth-psychological psychotherapists and psychotherapy researchers in the German speaking world, is turning itself towards an integrative concept which takes many factors into account in its conceptualisation. This enables dialogue. From a metatheoretical viewpoint, the lack in the concept lies in its epistemological grounding and the method of working within the psychological system, which emerges from it.

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