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Leadership Aspects of Belonging

Working in a good team and identifying with the organisation and the department, is a motivating aspect of the working life for many people. Therefore, it is also a very important task of leaders to contribute to this in their role. Creating a good team atmosphere and the regular nurturing of communication paths which serve the maintenance and the deepening of relationships within the team (team events, team development workshops, celebrations, meetings without a firm agenda etc.) have almost become, in the meantime, self-understood.

That conflicts within the team generally worsen, when one does not do anything, has become common knowledge. Therefore, moderating where there are open or simmering conflicts, is also a part of that which the manager can contribute to, so that the employee can feel a sense of belonging. Moderation competence for conflicts, therefore, is, in our view, an indispensable part of what a leader must be able to do nowadays.

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