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Guiding Processes of the Psychodynaamics

Here is a small consideration for readers interested in system theory: How should the entirety of the psychological system be thought of, when eight different guiding processes are to be identified? The idea of a central entity (such as thought, reason, the self, identity) cannot be maintained and justified from a system theory viewpoint. If each of the eight guiding processes differentiates a present of its own (=events), then the psyche – analogous to the ‘society of presents’ (Nassehi) – would be a ‘psyche of the presents’. Then, each of these processes represents a present of its own, the interactions of which (not their connection) result in the psychological process. The entirety of the differentiations lies in the processing of attentiveness, which is conscious/unconscious, active/passive, inhibiting/facilitating, plausible/implausible, reacting/ignoring, revealing/concealing, concise/diffuse. This entirety is accordingly created through reflection, it would not be an event of the ‘world’. Thus, the psyche is present-related, situational, event-driven and processual. ‘I’ would not be many, but ‘I’ would be this, in this place, at this moment, in this social context. I am here with you now and like this, and then, there with you differently.

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