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Goal Communication

The question as to whether managers and teams, on the whole, need a high level of intelligence on the cognitive or emotional level, in order to perform well, becomes superfluous in view of the guiding process goal processing. One needs to both enforce and make acceptable correct and functional solutions or outcomes in the organisation. It is often suggested that people, not the goals would suffer, if a team or a manager does not communicate well. We consider this to be more the exception.

If one has understood that the processing of interest positions is a significant part of organisational dynamics as well as team dynamics, then one can no longer vilify the cultivation of relationship and communication competences as social idealism in the service of humane working conditions. Emotional and communicative abilities are then given the same importance, theoretically as well as in practice, as cognitive, practical and functional abilities.

Both are necessary to maintain the motivation of employees. Employees not only wish to be appropriately informed, but also technically challenged. For this, everyone in the team needs cognitive as well as social competence.

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