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F.-M. Staemmler und W. Bock

Frank-M. Staemmler and Werner Bock lead the centre for Gestalt therapy in Wuerzburg. With their book “Holistic Change in Gestalt Therapy” “<a href=”änderung%20in%20der%20gestalttherapie&amp;qid=1444562824&amp;ref_=sr_1_1&amp;sr=8-1″ target=”_blank”>Ganzheitliche Veränderung in der Gestalttherapie</a>”, they have outlined a process theory of psychological change, which has, so far, received too little attention in the public domain. Regardless of the content of the client’s problem, this strictly processual approach describes how different ‘forces’ can be understood, investigated, summarised, resolved and re-configured.

Nowhere else is the process described so concisely as here about how a client’s subject can be worked through. The heuristic value of this description, arising from practice, is enormous and has the potential to be developed further. Here, a wide field of research remains open, to further clarify the various manifestations, in which the inner representations (called ‘Self Spaces’ by Staemmler) are in relation to each other, depend upon each other and influence each other. The current boom in ‘Parts’ work in psychotherapy confirms the importance of this subject.

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