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Example Team for Guiding Process Patterns

Here you can find the basic organisational information and background to the example team, which serves as an illustration of how one can describe guiding process patterns in a team:

The team is responsible for the development of a vehicle part at a large car manufacturing company. The leader reports to the board. It consists of nine people, who are responsible for the different components (body, electronics, motor, computations etc.). All have the highest relevant interfaces to other parts of the organisation (preliminary design, production, purchasing etc.), are under varying pressures and see themselves exposed to much criticism and blame. Practically all projects are under time pressure, particularly one core project. This is also under the observation of the board.

The team members are all engineers. All, bar one, are ‘old-timers’, very experienced and competent. Three have further career interests, four have arrived at the point where they can go into retirement, two are new in their function. The leader, who came from another area, has been in his role for a year. One person in the existing team had competed with him for the position. The turnover within the area manager position is unusually high for the organisation (five people in five years!).

Each, for their part, lead a team of team leaders with a size of 9 – 15 people. At the moment, these teams are not working well together, which was one of the reasons for seeking consultancy.