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Teams on the Security Pole

Teams, which shape their sustaining patterns in such a way that primarily the security needs of the employees are satisfied, often look like this to the observer:

• Topics such as suitability of the task, fairness and equal treatment of employees are a constant subject.
• The teams orientate themselves by authority and leadership. Particularly influential are the expectations and demands made on them, that everyone in the team should be happy. The longing for the all-knowing manager, who can secure the future, is wide-spread.
• In addition, there is a high level of readiness to ask about the rules and the correct behaviour requirements and to then also implement them.
• Criticism about the leadership, no matter from whom, triggers fear and defensiveness on the part of the employees.

It follows, that personal responsibility is easily perceived as an imposition. What is the boss there for? Usually such teams are slow and convoluted, before a result is delivered. In such teams, freedom-orientated employees feel bossed around and are continuously irritated.

What is detrimental to organisations is the sluggishness, the leadership effort and the reduced willingness to change. However, if it is about reliably producing a standard task, such teams are, understandably, worth their weight in gold.

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