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Example of Team Rules

Here is an example of rules in which some aspects of an interaction pattern are expressed:

• Rule 1 – We are polite (exception: Mr. Y may make unsuitable jokes)
• Rule 2 – We are punctual (exception: Mrs. X is always allowed to arrive late and does)
• Rule 3 – We are reliable (exception: Mrs. L has a handicapped child and is spared)
• Rule 4 – We do not talk about Y’s scatty ways, the small lies from X and the unclear instructions from F.
• Rule 5 – Decisions about the team are suggested by F and then agreed by all. Nobody has to adhere to them really and everyone can interpret something different from them. (exception: If somebody is harmed by a decision this is decided bilaterally and compensation is made. A veto from Y is not ignored.
• Metarule – On the social level, values are more important than goals and effectiveness!

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