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Deciding the Task Processing

Deciding always means choosing from an equally suitable alternative, otherwise no decision has been made. This means that deciding is fundamentally risky! A team should be aware of this. If one now decides, one can watch out for the following:

• that a decision is accompanied by action consequences which are definitively named.
• that one must ensure the robustness of the plan.
• that one must work out a strategy in the relevant field of interests.
• that it is important to establish unity. This not only means ‘coordination’ but this possibility, too: “I am of a different opinion and carry this fully and completely with me!”.
• that the decision also includes defining success criteria and milestones.

Problems arise when one does not decide but rather only intends to have ‘experiments’, tolerates recognisable non-commitment within the team, or votes too hastily in order to arrive at a conclusion. They also occur if decisions are made alone by the leader without the team, or if vanities come into play in a dominant way.

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