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Dealing with Agitation

“And then I told the colleague, if you do this again…!” If people, in their distress, allow their impulses and feelings free reign, this will usually not improve matters. Then they no longer have anger, but the anger has them! Such phenomena are, from a technical consultancy point of view, to be worked as a top priority, particularly if they also exhibit themselves against the consultant, as they have a high level of damage potential for the client and his relationships. It is then important to investigate the bundle of emotions which are so unbearable that the client can only endure them through unfavourable agitation towards the outside world. Often there is impotence, shame, guilt or strong fear. Usually, what is then required is an empathic contact between the consultant and the client, with (and in) his feelings, so that other forms of dealing with such Ego-states can be developed in the client.

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