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Coordination of Complexity

Apart from the coordination of different time structuring, the coordination of complexity must take place in organisations. Every task, every performance, every process step and every function has its own ramifications, dependencies, norms and regulations, i.e. their own unique form of thoroughness. For someone coming from outside the profession, it is often astonishing how frequently things arise in the process of production, that consist of many trivialities and unsuspected elements (“We can simply paint over that bit!”. No, no, this will have to be ground, then undercoated and then….”) or how much activity or knowledge exists about something apparently simple (“Surely anybody can cut hair!”). This complexity always arises when something is done thoroughly. If quality is required, it must be coordinated at the interfaces.

This is not easy of the expertise for the complexity is limited to the respective area. Not least for this reason, concepts such as job rotation and top managers working their way up from the bottom have proved so successful. The insight into different logics about the complexities and the specific nature of a professional ethos makes it much easier to act competently in the respective guiding functions within the guiding processes quality and networking.