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Analysis of the Processing Structure

Every team must create a structure and repeatedly analyse how one processes the set task as efficiently as possible. For this, the following questions are useful (selection!):

• Are the methods, competences, access to resources etc. appropriate for completion of the team task? What do we have too little or too much of?
• Is it ensured that the understanding of the team about its task and the understanding of the organisation about this task are in harmony?
• Do all team members know how their personal work contributes to the accomplishment of the shared goal?
• Are there informal processes in connection with the task, which serve more the interests or anxieties of individual team members rather than the achievement of performance? Are processes possibly ‘built’ around people, not around the task? If so, is this necessary for the maintenance of motivation?
• Do roles, competences and people fit together?
• Is the timing synchronisation or parallelisation appropriate?
• Is there a choice in the form of processing (sequential/parallel, planned/agile/rapid prototyping etc., individual/group work etc.)?

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