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Affirmative Interventions

Acceptance on the part of the counsellor means that he has an orientation about when he reacts with affirmation and when with negation. Everything which is change effective and which does not serve avoidance should be affirmed and serves the client’s goals. This means that the counsellor must show a permissive and non-judgmental attitude towards all representations in the client. The client must perceive, show and express everything, without being afraid that some things are desired and others not. This only works if the counsellor is able to allow and understand comparable impulses in himself. If the client can sense that the counsellor cannot cope with such impulses, that he subtly recoils or seems inhibited, then, with such foci, the effectiveness of the counsellor is over. This is because giving permission also applies to destructive, critical, judgmental, self-destructive, aggressive, malicious, withdrawn or controlling representations in the client. However, the affirmation does not generally involve acting out such sides, i.e. putting them into action. <a href=””>See here for more</a>. Acceptance, to reiterate once more, includes both, permitting and limiting!

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