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Utilisation of Curiosity

The American psychotherapist Almaas speaks of a ‘Flame of Curiosity’. What is meant by this is that awakening curiosity about oneself and the world can be a highly effective technique. Understanding what holds the world (and oneself) together was already a central motive with Faust. Diminished curiosity is often an underestimated symptom of a mild depression. It is possible to encourage this curiosity if the counsellor himself is a model for it. Counsellors who are not through and through curious about their clients are missing something. They can then not be a model for their clients. However, when a client senses that he is exposed to a respecting, sustaining curiosity, rather than feeling he is being treated, he often begins to view himself in the same way. “It would be laughable if I could not find out why I am always so stressed, when I have to make presentations in meetings.” Curiosity, in this form, is paired with affirmation and a resonance-ready presence. One could also say, with loving attention.

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