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Top Teams and Team Preservation

Top Management is always threatened with getting into hot water if it is not clear that the interests of the organisation stand in the foreground of the decisions. At the same time, nowhere are the possibilities (and thus the temptations) so great for furthering the interests of the team members as in a team at the head of an organisation. One should not underestimate the emotional difficulty of this sustained conflict position. Even in the new testament one of Satan’s the three temptations of Jesus was the lure of riches. Here, it is quick to accuse, and the first stone is rapidly thrown by the supposedly righteous.

The interesting question, metatheoretically, actually consists of what support top teams require in order to functionally process own interests and organisational interests. Which structures, framework processes, consultancy and control are needed, so that this guiding process does not fall into an unfavourable dependency upon the moral reliability of a single individual? How can the top management team be supported to systematically perceive where decisions interpreted by the rest of the organisation as self-optimisation lead to massive demotivation in the company? How can good decisions be made, which have (massive) negative effects on individual team members, such as when someone must ‘get rid of’ themselves? This is where management is often left to its own devices or everything is settled with regulations, which is then demotivating for the organisation.

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