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Team Development Techniques for Team Parameters

In team developments, in which the guiding process team parameters comes into focus, the team developer needs tools which help to process the following foci:

In many teams it requires processes, which reliably regulate the attention on entry and departure. Usually, entry and departure rituals that are fitting to the team, can help. In particular, the entry rituals help to ease the sense of belonging to the informal team.
Often, in team developments, the participation processes of the team members, with respect to attitudes and departure, must be regulated.
It is also important to examine which competences the leader brings with him to facilitate the new person’s feelings of security and belonging and, when necessary, to work on them.
The question about how he exercises the necessary mistrust in the form of control and employee appraisals, also plays a great role in the sense of belonging. Here, the tool of choice is often individual coaching with the leader.
In the case that bullying phenomena are present in the team, it is critical to examine their function for the team (before personalising them).
Perpetrator-victim conflicts are mostly solvable outside the team context, because conflict processing is usually shame-filled.
The topic of ‘internally opting out’ also requires attention. Where are employees psychologically switched off, offended, isolated and unmotivated? For these implicit exclusions there are no tools apart from the sensitive perception of the team developer and his feeling for concealed withdrawal and pseudo-commitments of others.
One can see that there are no immediate intervention strategies as such for this guiding process. Maybe this is the reason why it is given so little attention in the literature about team consultancy.