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Talk Therapy

Talk therapy, as originated by Carl Rogers, forms a milestone in the development of counselling, because he has moved the significance of the direct contact between the counsellor and the client into the centre point of his theory. Thus, he provides a counterpoint to the distant and unapproachable manner of analysts and, therefore, he found the significance of acceptance in direct dialogue. Sympathetic understanding and the confidence that everything which defines the clients can be expressed and shown by them, without being judged and labelled, were regarded by him as crucial effectiveness factors in counselling process. This insight has not been overtaken, but that this, nevertheless, is insufficient for supporting change within clients in a counselling context, is obvious.

Dialogue, evaluation of the contact process and appreciation are fundamental aspects of our metatheoretical approach, which, at this point, builds upon the findings of talk therapy, i.e. it takes it into account.

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