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Stabilisation of the Goal

When the entire world is in motion, active engagement is needed to achieve stability. The setting and stabilisation of the goal (or goals) is necessary to focus the attention of the team members, and to organise the tasks so that at the end they can deliver consistent results. The primary goal is generally specified by the organisation to the team more or less clearly, more or less precisely or more or less open to discussion.

For the team the guiding process ‘Setting of Goals’ begins at that moment in which this goal is actively transferred into activity within the team. This is because the team members usually also have critical opinions about the goal, including its usefulness, its chances for success and the availability of resources and competences. In addition, in many organisations one can constantly reckon with a change to the team goal (moving targets!). This creates the need to stabilise the goal and to protect it from external criticism and interference, as, otherwise, useful teamwork is not possible and the members no longer have a common attention focus.

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