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Selection of New Members

The selection of and the decision about new team members is an elementary process for organisations and the respective teams. The design of this process has actual effects on, and is influenced by, all the guiding processes. It makes a difference:

• whether the manager selects on his own or together with the team
• whether the manager decides on his own or together with the team
• who has a veto right when and for what reason
• whether the competence of a new member or (also) the fit to the existing team is taken into consideration
• whether rejection or acceptance must be ‘objectified’ (assessment!) or whether personal reasons are just as legitimate

With all these points there is no wrong or right. The decision by management or experts following the selection process, the recruiting after one-to-one interviews with everyone from the team, as well as a group decision, can be appropriate or dysfunctional. The regulation about the entry into a team must, thus, suit the team, because this can, in the following collaboration, make things very much easier or more difficult. Therefore, one must view it critically, when employment procedures are regulated completely centrally and uniformly by organisations. Many employment mistakes are able to be explained because of this, alone.