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Security Stress Factors of Leadership

No leader knows the future. Everyone, however, has expectations that they will act in a way that achieves the set goals, that promises made will be kept and that the predicted effects will occur. How then can anyone feel secure? Leadership, therefore, is, to a very great extent, acting with insecurity. The ability to process well the associated stress is indispensable for the long-term wellbeing of leaders.

Many managers tend to feel this stress subliminally, i.e. they process it with permanent tension and continuous action: then they are always in work mode, because the future leaves them no peace. The more someone tries to gain security by means of control, the worse the stress becomes. The future cannot be controlled and calculated, even if many try to do so.

Becoming secure about insecurity – this is one of the most frequent and important subjects in the coaching context, particularly for burn-out prevention.

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