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Requirements for Organisations

Organisational dynamics can only develop under certain environmental conditions. Psychological dynamics is not possible without a body, without the ability to perceive, to feel, to want and to think. Team dynamics is not possible without people relating to each other, without a task, without resources and without competences etc. In the same way, an organisation is tightly linked to environmental conditions, which are necessary so that it can dynamically stabilise itself through decisions.

These conditions revolve around questions for which organisations are the solution (management of scarcity, absorption of uncertainty and coordination of simultaneous activities), under which conditions they are viable (ability to select, environmental attractiveness, communication) and how they become capable of decision-making (power). In the last couple of centuries, organisations have thrived in the existing environmental conditions, because they have an evolutionary advantage over other social system forms. The question whether this will remain or whether new environmental phenomena (computer efficiency, social network communications, technical, temporal and social advances in complexity, the rapid disappearance of routine work etc.), will bring about new social order dynamics, will be revealed in time. This is not improbable.