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Prescribed and Concealed Goals

There are cases in which a team is in a situation where the goal is not openly declared or is concealed. This may have something to do with the personal motives of the team leader, with a subject matter which is (or must be) kept non-transparent for legal or tactical reasons, or else with the unconscious, destructive impulses on the side of the team leader (fears, double-bind communication, sociopathic patterns). For creating such a situation, the core competence consists of skilful lying. It requires a great deal of personal ability, particularly the blocking of self-expression (poker face, smiles), to pretend that the team can decide something which has already been decided a while ago but which is still being kept secret.

In the team, this leads to confusion, to disintegration, to sustained conflicts, high levels of personnel fluctuation and similar. As a rule, such a situation is not survivable for any team over a prolonged period of time.