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Pattern of the Consultancy System

The commissioning and, following that, the presence of the observers (=consultants) in organisations and teams allows a consultancy system to arise. This means that an organisation that is being counselled is different than when it is not being counselled. The same applies to teams and people. Those who sit on a coach opposite behave differently than usual. Therefore, consultants must also watch for the peculiarities which form in the communication with the customer and use this for describing the customer’s pattern. Particularly here, it immediately and directly becomes visible, which processing routines a team or organisation is maintaining. Also, how the customers see, experience, describe and talk about the consultants, offers high information and communication values. Equally, it is important to study the self-reactions of the client system to feedback from the consultants and to expect the ambiguity of understanding in their descriptions (and not to suffer as a result). Few things are as informative as apparent misunderstandings or understanding something different. Exactly here, the same pattern which also runs in the daily life of the customer organisation, frequently shows itself. In this way, by using as an example the phenomena of the consultancy system, one can work on important resonance patterns. On a personal level, this also requires the ability of not being dependent on approval or correct understanding on the part of the customer.