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Organisational Communication Patterns

The description of patterns (or typologies and structures) of dynamics has a broad-reaching tradition in the area of psychodynamics. There are ‘compulsive’ or ‘narcissistic’ psychological patterns, there are ‘red, green and blue’ types (insights) or ISTP’s (Myers-Briggs Type Indicators) and many more. In the field of organisational dynamics, though, there are comparatively few. Phases are named, (e.g. start-up), metaphors are taken from psychology (e.g. Child-I organisations), development structures are labelled (e.g. project organisation), or differentiated according to purpose and function (such as clubs, NGO’s, or commercial enterprises).

If, as in systems theory, organisations ‘consist’ of communications, then these patterns of communication must be described. The question would then be: Is it possible to describe frequently occurring communication patterns which differ markedly from each other? If so, how can such descriptive patterns be named and what is the basis of their emergence? You can find some suggestions regarding this theme from 2018 onwards in the field of this circle.