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Non-Transparent Leadership Decisions

From a metatheoretical viewpoint, it is seldom functional when non-transparent leadership decisions are consistently made. When team members or organisational members come and go like lords of the manor according to their own will, high levels of insecurity are created about the criteria for remaining in the team or about the necessary preconditions for the admission. This fuels dysfunctional anxiety and with it, it automatically reduces the performance ability of the team. At the same time, this dysfunctional anxiety is not addressed. Therefore, a vicious circle arises which further undermines the functionality of the team.

Thus, it is usually only a question of time, i.e. a certain period, until relevant mistakes happen, which can be attributed to the leadership and until a change in management is brought about. Organisations, in which this change does not happen, because they cannot dismiss the leadership, or because it is the owner himself who leads, this style will have particularly fatal effects. Apart from the fact that mistakes in the leadership cannot be corrected, the team, as a rule, splits into two or more camps, which fight one another and run each other down. The goal is to expand one’s own influence upon the leadership or to undermine the influence of others.