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Organisation and Conflicts

Organisations are built around conflicts.

Otherwise they would be neither required nor effective. Organisations coordinate the behaviour of many different stakeholders. There are many of them, because few would be able to deliver, on their own, the performance an organisation can achieve. However, there are not only many, but also different stakeholders who have different competences for different roles and tasks and must perform within different time frames and structures. For reasons of probability alone, this leads to the assumption that the interests, setting of priorities, desires for resources and conditions for a good work result will never run smoothly and harmoniously. Since resources, (items, personnel, time) are always limited, distribution battles are just as necessary as value conflicts. Sales will always opt for flexibility and exceptions, production always for routines and rules.

There is no such thing as a harmonious organisation, only an organisation which is competent in dealing with conflicts, which are inevitably interwoven with it.