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Nietzsche – Quote I

One notices good will towards indistinct horizons, a certain, wise caution about convictions, a mistrust of enchantment and circumvention of conscience, which every strong faith carries with it. Within it you may perceive the caution of a burnt child, of a deceived idealist – What seems to me fundamentally more grounded is the pleasurable instinct of a fan of conundrums, who does not easily let go of the enigmatic (=secretive) character of things; in the end, an aesthetic rebellion against the large, virtuous, unequivocal statements, a taste which rebels against all boxed-in oppositions, wishing for a good part of uncertainty in all things …, as friend of nuances, shadows, afternoon lights and endless seas.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, KSA Bd. 12, 2[164], S. 144.