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Nothing ‘is’, all is ‘in flux’.

Within the display format we have given shape to this formative sentence from the “Meta Theory of Change”, presented here. For first time visitors to this site it is therefore often helpful to first read the information presented in the display format, and then to return to the content presented here.

Please click on the circles. You will then find an initial explanation of the concept. When you click once more, a new rosette will form. In this way you can navigate yourself from concept to concept and explore the theoretical connections, which are associated, as and when you desire.

One article, which outlines the backgrounds, concept and objective of this theory in continuous text, can be found here: <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Einführende Erläuterungen</a>


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  1. JGP

    The Metatheory of Change is an open work of observations, irritations, insights, wisdom, discomforts, and love for the procedural unfolding in and structural coupling of different systems such as psyche, team, and organization.

    By making it easier for the user to deal with uncertainty – which is exposed to any system – it creates an internal and external space for irritation. Systems that change are irritated (resp. have been irritated). Living systems are constantly changing. They are constantly exposed to irritation and irritate themselves as long as they exist. On the question of “how”, the Metatheory of Change provides a highly relevant, open basis for thinking and describing with regard to practice.

    Against its background and its presence in the user, irritations can be better understood or, as a desired irritation = intervention, entered more concerted into the respective system for change and transformation.

    „Irritation is precious.“
    –Niklas Luhmann

    Jürgen Große-Puppendahl

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