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Kurt Lewin

Kurt Lewin, who was born in Poland and died in America in 1947, is perhaps the most significant social psychologist of the last century. The breadth of his knowledge – Gestalt psychology, depth psychology, experimental psychology – gave him the foundation to develop group dynamic research settings as well as to conceptualise typical patterns of change processes (thawing, moving, freezing). Many other research designs and leadership theories were inspired by his social-science field theory.

What is particularly fascinating, however, is how early he commenced to

• develop processual forms of thought (Genesis)

• utilise dynamic, force-orientated concepts in psychology

• occupy himself with the phenomenon of how stability arises out of and through movement (topology) and

• take seriously the dependency of every finding on the observer.

What a shame that so much of his writing is hard to access (The works edition, already commenced, has been discontinued!). What is completely new here: K. Antons/M. Stuetzle-Hebel (Hrsg.) ‘Feldkraefte im Hier und Jetzt’ (Field Force in the Here and Now), Heidelberg 2015