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Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy and envy are emotions which are usually full of shame. Who likes feeling like that? Therefore, in teams, such psychological states tend to be cultivated in secrecy, amongst like-minded people, or else they are masked under ‘nicer’ accusation terms, such as unfairness, favouritism, manager’s misjudgements or nepotism. From a team’s perspective, this often leads to the formation of sub-groups, alliances, motivation loss, poor information flow and mutual hindrances or dysfunctional opposition.

Unfortunately, leaders often tend to avoid such subjects (due to their own fears), or to belittle them. This often strengthens the tendency for the interaction patterns to be unfavourably consolidated so that, on the surface, all seems to be ok. Cold conflict patterns form. Therefore, acted out and unreflected jealousy and envy are phenomena which are to be taken seriously, because they can massively limit a team in its motivation and ability to perform.