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Interruption of Needs Perception

If the inner dynamic of a person is characterised by having coupled one (or more) needs firmly with an unpleasant affect, then it is rather obvious that in the moment in which the need is once more perceived, there will be a probability that it is “shrugged off”. Those who take in sweet and bitter together, will mostly give preference to the avoidance of the bitter. This is why the separation of the experience occurrences is so central, because in this way ‘sweet’ and ‘bitter’ can be tasted, one after the other. As long as the inner dynamic is still characterised by parallel running processes, a counselling technique variant is maintained, in which the counsellor actively supports the perception of the need. Therefore, he makes the self-interruption by the client difficult as long as the client does not have sufficient self-support for this. If clients have understood this principle, they often find it astonishingly easy, not to allow themselves to be disturbed by arising ‘Ouch’ feelings with other topics.

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