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Innovation Pressure

From the viewpoint of external and internal orientation of an organisation, what direction the pressure is coming from plays a significant role.

If the innovation comes from the market or the competition, i.e. from outside, an organisation will structure itself completely differently than when innovation grows from its own, secret research and development, and their patents, and the rest of the organisation must then adapt to it. When Apple changes from the entertainment market (iPod) to the health market (Apple watch), (because they have developed products for this), or if one mutates from car manufacturer to software developer (because somewhere else self-driving vehicles are appearing), then this has an effect on the entire organisation. All guiding processes, such as the utilisation of resources, the shaping of influence and information flow, the type of leadership and personnel, the interaction with networking and quality, the learning paths and motives for it, the validity of rules, as well as the risk assessment (!), are influenced by this.