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Inner Dialogue

Every person knows inner dialogue. Talking to oneself is not a foible, but an elementary psychological process which substantially co-determines self-regulation. Therefore, this process can be shaped favourably or less favourably. Making conscious all inner voices, which are activated in a certain situation or in focused contexts, is a substantial part of counselling work. Thus, it is important to work out precisely which function these inner voices have, to then give them understanding and accepting space. With this, a process-based understanding of the person is taken into account: each person actualises themselves in a new or old way from situation to situation. Changes emerge as if by themselves (!), when inner forces, which work against each other, are separated in the experiencing (see self-representations), and can then articulate themselves: that which is allowed, which is permitted to be, changes! Counselling also consists of the art of helping the client to shape his inner dialogue in such a way that it becomes clear how and why an unfruitful ‘state’ is maintained and which inner representations must be integrated so that another self-actualisation can happen.

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